Local grape varieties

GRENACHE NOIR, IGP Côtes Catalanes

A 100% Grenache Noir focused on fresh red fruit.
To accompany a piece of grilled meat

Link technical sheet : Serre_Romani_Grenache_noir.pdf

CARIGNAN NOIR, IGP Côtes Catalanes



Gourmand wine with a velvety structure, a mixture of red fruits and notes of garrigues
(rosemary, thyme ..) the mouth stretches on a slightly peppery finish.
Typical, frank and expressive wine, to be tasted in room 14 °
with a crispy tart with mushrooms, a good guinea fowl or a piece of red meat.

Link technical sheet : Serre_Romani_Carignan.pdf

MACABEU, IGP Côtes Catalanes 



Wine with a beautiful pale color, a real freshness that accompanies delicate notes of citrus and 
white peaches, offering in the mouth a bright white, pleasant and balanced.
With friends or family, as an aperitif or simply
because the menu is suitable: small grilled red mullets scented with sprigs of fennel,
a fan of shellfish or a sea bream in foil

Link technical sheet