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Laurent, Cylia et Serre Romani

Laurent met Cylia at the university of Purpan, in Toulouse, where they both studied to become agricultural engineers. After graduating,

Cylia  specialized in agricultual journalism before deciding to become a full-time mom.


One day, during a tasting in the village of Maury, they had a crush ...

Laurent worked successively for the Château de Nages (Costières de Nîmes) and for Gabriel Meffre as head winemaker.

The Encounter...

Our estate is, first of all, a lifestyle choice for our family. We chose to work together in order to prepare the future of our three boys. We have been settled for around 10 years now, working as employees in the world of wine, in Rhône Valley. As for Laurent, son of vine grower, he has decided to come back home, in Rivesaltes.

Our story is also the love of a grape variety, grenache. The grenache, famous thanks to some appellations such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape, is able to express the strenght of the South, while remaining refined, fruity and elegant.

Finally, our story is the heart of a land, Maury and the Agly Valley, of a soil, shists, which is a perfect match for grenache. Our vineyard (around 6 hectares) is split into different plots around Maury. We cultivate black grenache, in the most respectful conditions possible, almost entirely by hand. The elders had planted Carignan, Macabeu and Grenache Gris. The yields are low, not more than 5 to 6 small grapes per vine, producing a must fit for a long maceration that allows to extract both strength and finesse.